Services For Client

Web and App Presence

Profile is created with the detail contact information, facilities, features, pictures and gets displayed on website and App with inquiry and timeline feature so inquiries can be transmitted from website & App.

Profile Info by Call Center

Profile is created with the detail contact information, facilities, features and picture. This information is provided to the caller by our call centre whenever somebody inquires about particular service provider or the services provided by that service Provider. Simultaneously caller information is also passed to the service provider immediately.

Profile Brochure by Mail

Whenever somebody inquiresat Vyaspeeth about the service provider, one brochure is created at run time containing all necessary information along with the oral information given by student care executive and that brochure is mailed to the caller. Finally caller information is passed to the service provider.

Profile List By Mail

Whenever the caller demands for list of service providers of particular category, Vyaspeeth provides their references for the demanded service in specified area by mail along with that the caller information is also transferred to the service providers.

Contact Detail by SMS

Whenever the caller demands for particular service provider’s information or service provided by them. One message containing their contact detail along with oral information given by call centre is sent to the caller in order to get connected to respective service provider. Simultaneously the caller information is passed to the respective service provider.

Event Display on Website & App

Event’s information can be displayed on the website and App. There is a facility available to upload the event schedule along with pictures and that schedule will be displayed on the website and App.

Event Info by Call Centre

Event then that event’s information is displayed on the App and the website along with the event information will also be orally explained by our student care executive to the caller. There is a facility available to upload the event schedule and that schedule will be displayed on the website and the App and at the call center too.

Vyaspeeth Ad

Vyaspeeth ad is new and special kind of ad which is created to achieve the 100% target audience. In this ad there is a provision for setting the budget and target audience. If the user is satisfying the target audience criteria for ad then that ad is displayed to him.

Timeline Ad

This is another kind of web and app based ad. While registering one timeline is created. Whatever a service provider wants to display he can put that on timeline and this timeline is shared among with the users there is an option for like and comments so that the user’s feedback can be analyzed.

Text Broadcasting

In text broadcasting Vyaspeeth provides facility to reach to the users directly via mobile messaging. There is a provision for selecting the target audience to whom wants to send message. After applying some filters the target audience list will be displayed on the screen and just in a click messages broadcasted to the target audience.

Multimedia Content Broadcasting

In text broadcasting only text message can be broadcasted. What if somebody wants to broadcast some image, audio, video, animated clip, pdf file? This issue is resolved by the Multimedia Message Broadcasting. Vyaspeeth provides the facility to broadcast the Multimedia contents to the targeted audience on their Vyaspeeth account.

Email Broadcasting

In email broadcasting Vyaspeeth provides the facility to broadcast the Multimedia contents to the targeted audience on their email accounts.

Inquiry from Website & App

Vyaspeeth provides a provision to receive inquiries from website and App Whenever the user’s visits our website or App and review service providers profile or review the service provided by them he gets an option to send inquiry and this inquiry is transferred to respective service provider.

Inquiry from Call Centre

Vyaspeeth provides the provision to receive inquiries from App and web along with Call centre. Whenever the user calls at Vyaspeeth our student care executive provide the necessary information to the user and same time transfer that inquiry to respective service provider.

Services for Users

Live chat

We provide user a platform where user can chat with other person by his qualification or by his name and can chat with each other. So it becomes too easy to get connected with any person of particular qualification and share the things with him.


We provide demanded information to the user through our different channels like website, android App, Call Center. User can do enquiry from any of the channel.


We also provide the search facility to the user for finding out needed things then it may be any service, service provider or any person.

Text Messaging

As any user gets registered to Vyaspeeth, free message alert service is activated for him, in which user can receive SMS regarding various career options, new trends in market, emerging technologies and many more.

Event Notification

We provide the notification for various events happened.

Timeline Updates

User gets the updates of what the new thing happing in the world.

College Prediction

This is the one special service provided by Vyaspeeth. With considering the needs of student of Engineering, Polytechnic, MCA, MBA and other courses whose entrance exam is conducted and controlled by DTE. We provide the college prediction as per the last year cut off of that course. Vyaspeeth provides the cut off for all the branches of engineering as well as polytechnic for all the colleges in the Maharashtra.

On call support

If person is having any query about education or any other field related to our services then he may contact us via call and our Student Care Centre will provide them the desired support.

Career Guidance

If person want any type of career guidance then he may contact us for the same.


For keeping the user up to date we provide the latest news from all the sectors via Vyaspeeth App, site and emails.